Is Your Website ADA Accessible?

3 Important Reasons Why Your Website Must Be ADA Accessible low

Email me at to get started. Did you know that one out of every four American adults has some form of disability? That’s over sixty-one million people in the United States alone. And disabilities have all sorts of variations. Sometimes they’re auditory, they could be visual, they might deal with mobility or many other things. Now,…

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How Long Will It Take to Redesign My Law Firm’s Website?

How Long Will It Take To Redesign My Law Firm's Website

If you’re considering a website redesign, it is natural to wonder how long the process will take. It is also natural to worry about how long it will take, too, since these types of projects are notorious for dragging on. As the founder and chief strategist of a marketing firm focused on building the best…

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What Should I Post on My Law Firm’s Social Media?

What Should I Post On Social Media low

Once law firms get comfortable with the idea that social media can serve useful purposes in their marketing strategy, then a moment of panic seems to set in. You wouldn’t believe the number of times attorneys ask me what they should be posting on social media for the firm. You have more options than you…

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Google’s Algorithm Changed For My Law Firm, What Should I Do? 

Googles Algorithm Changed What Should I Do

Every week, at least one of my clients sends me a panicked message. “Help! Google has changed their algorithm. What should I do to keep up?” As the founder of a marketing firm that helps law firms grow their practices primarily through online marketing techniques, this question hits me where I live. Today I’m going…

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What are the Best Ways for Law Firms to Use LinkedIn?

What Are the Best Uses for LinkedIn low

Do you want an easy way to keep your firm to top of mind with professional referral sources? LinkedIn is the platform to do that. As the Chief Strategist of a marketing firm devoted to helping law firms grow their business, I want to share three ways we use LinkedIn to keep our clients ranking…

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