Law Firm Web Design

For small law firms consisting of 1-4 attorneys, our web design service is priced at $10,000. This cost assumes that you're exclusively investing in our website design service without additional digital marketing services from LaGrande Marketing. Our monthly Digital Marketing Services packages already include website design. If you're a larger firm with 5 or more attorneys, we'll tailor a custom pricing plan specifically for your needs.

What Affects a Law Firm Website Price?

We build around 20-30 websites in a year for law firms. We know the time and energy involved, and we believe in simplicity and transparency when it comes to pricing.

Most websites take around 50 hours from start to finish. The team bills at a rate of $200 per hour. 60% of the work is around design. Building is the easiest part.


Creation of homepage, team pages, and layout on mobile and desktop.

Estimated Hours: 30

Estimated Cost: $6,000
(due before project start)

Website Build, Launch, and Testing

Creation of WordPress website based upon initial design mockups.

Estimated Hours: 20

Estimated Cost: $4,000
(due upon website launch)


50 Hours at $10,000

Website Updates, Maintenance, Security, and Backups

$200 per month

After the website is completed, we will help you with updates, technical maintenance and fixes, security, and daily backups. Generally speaking, anything you need after the website is live, we will help you handle it.

So long as there are no major changes (like building a new website section or page from scratch), everything is included. We require a 6-month website maintenance contract, but then it automatically converts to a month-to-month for greater flexibility.

3 Tips to Ensure This Project Goes Smoothly (...and How to Avoid a 6-Month Process)

Building a website can take 90 days, 6 months, or more. At LaGrande Marketing, we try to work quickly and efficiently, so you are rarely, if ever, waiting for us to complete something.

Here are three recommendations to improve the efficiency of the website design project to keep it on track.

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One-Owner/Point of Contact

One person should be a point of contact for all website design issues.

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Schedule a Short Weekly Call and Status Update

We should book a recurring 20-minute call every week to review the website’s progress, needs, and changes. A short call will minimize delays and ensure the website stays on track.

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Provide Feedback Sooner Rather than Later

With websites, we strive for continual progress, not perfection. Websites are constantly being updated, improved, and we want you to be happy. However, a website is almost never perfect. We want to get it 95% of the way there and clean up any issues later. Let’s not change punctuation in one sentence 4 times over 4 weeks and delay the end result.