Video Marketing for Law Firms

Law firms are increasingly realizing the value that video marketing strategies can provide for firm growth and development. Video reaches different audiences than the printed word and other media. Perhaps even more importantly, video connects with potential clients in a way that provides an efficient introduction to your practice. Clients can get a personal feel for you and your style without the investment of time required for a consultation.

LaGrande Marketing helps law firms create professional-quality videos for use in marketing and advertising campaigns. Whether your firm just uses videos casually in social media or establishes video as a core component of your website and online presence, we have the knowledge and experience to enable you to get the most from your video efforts.

A Full Range of Video Services Geared Toward Legal Marketing

The video approach one business might use to sell stationary bicycles is not going to be the best strategy to market the services provided by your law firm. The team at LaGrande Marketing focuses on legal practices, and our video services center on strategies proven to succeed in the legal field.

Strategic Planning

We develop plans for using video in specific marketing campaigns as well as part of a law firm’s regular online presence. Our team can identify target audiences, choose the most effective platforms and formats, and measure the success of efforts to make adjustments to improve future results.

Audio and Video Editing and Optimization

With law firm video, lawyers and legal teams can produce their own raw footage that resonates with clients and answers many of their most frequent questions. Then our team can refine the footage to any degree desired by trimming and splicing footage, adding transitions and effects, and incorporating graphics and text. We can also enhance the audio quality of a video by removing background noise, balancing levels, and adding music or sound effects.

LaGrande Marketing can create a polished professional result, or edit just enough to develop an appealing video that still retains an authentic, natural feel. Then we optimize the videos for various platforms and devices, including adapting videos for social media platforms and ensuring that they are mobile-friendly.

Get the Most from Video with LaGrande Marketing

Whether you are just getting started or already regularly incorporating video into your online presence, we have the tools and experience to help you get more from your video marketing efforts. Your legal team has a wealth of information to share, and video is the best way to do it. Let us show you the results we can help you achieve with just a phone and a minute of your time.