How Long Will It Take to Redesign My Law Firm’s Website?

If you’re considering a website redesign, it is natural to wonder how long the process will take. It is also natural to worry about how long it will take, too, since these types of projects are notorious for dragging on.

As the founder and chief strategist of a marketing firm focused on building the best online presence for law firms, I’ve learned a few lessons over the years. Here are three critical strategies we recommend for keeping the timeline in check when you are redesigning your website. If you employ these strategies, you can complete your project within 60 to 90 days instead of two years or more.

Schedule Regular Status Updates

The first step we take with clients when we redesign their website is to open up the calendar and schedule status meetings every week. We spend 20-30 minutes each week reviewing site designs, discussing potential changes, and making sure we’re on the same page when it comes to changes.

Scheduling a weekly call ensures that everyone involved stays on track with the project. You know your designers are working to develop what you need, and they know that what they’re doing is meeting your specifications.

Create Content Efficiently

One of the points of redesigning a website is not just to update the look and enhance operations but also to refresh existing content and develop more effective content. This new content needs to be created and reviewed quickly to keep the project moving forward.

When you hire our company to prepare your content, we can provide it to you quickly, but we also need you to be prompt about reviewing it and telling us about any changes you want to see. If someone in your firm will be writing content, it should be made a priority so you can get it added to the website in a timely fashion. When a decisionmaker on the project wants to make changes but they’re slow to actually turn their attention to it, a website design can easily be delayed by several months.

Aim for Progress Rather than Perfection

Perfection is necessary for a legal brief, but not for a legal website. If you wait for every detail to be perfect and complete before you launch your website, it may never launch at all. A website is a continually evolving project, and users understand that. If a photo is temporarily filled in with a placeholder or you’re missing some details you wanted to add about a particular subject, you can still launch and add those features later. You can aim for perfection, but if you fall short, write out a list of things you want to adjust, and make those changes after you launch.

The Time Frame Can Be Up to You

We can’t speak for other legal marketing firms, of course, but when law firms work with us efficiently on a project, we can finish a complete site redesign in a month and a half. But if we experience delays getting content and design reviewed–or getting any feedback at all—the process can drag on for many months. A project can take years to finalize when that happens. You don’t want that.

If you have questions about or want help with the website redesign process, just contact us, and we’ll be happy to talk to you about it.

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