Why You Should Use Videos in Your Marketing Strategy For Your Law Firm

Using video as part of your marketing is one of the most important things you can do today to grow your firm. Why?

As the founder of a marketing company that focuses on helping law firms increase their business, I can think of numerous reasons why video is so beneficial for your marketing strategy. For today, I’ll narrow it down to three.

Video Builds a Human Connection

Most of the time, before a client walks through the door, all they’ve seen is your website. They don’t know how you act. While they may have read something you wrote, that doesn’t give them a feel for you.

But video can change that. It offers a great way to share your personality. Video provides an introduction that costs you virtually no time or money. Before a potential client picks up the phone to call you or makes the trek to your office to see you, they have already “met” you in a sense, and they know what to expect. They feel they know you and have a connection.

Video Helps You to Convey Information Quickly

When your clients have a question, most of them do not want to read a 2,000 word essay to find the answer. Whether that question is about an area of law you practice or about your background and approach, most people want a quick and simple answer. Video allows you to provide that.

With short videos, you can take a minute or two to explain a particular legal topic or even something about yourself and why clients should choose your firm. If you practice family law, you might explain how inherited property is handled in divorce or the process for modifying a custody order. Or if you practice personal injury law, you might explain how the comparative negligence rule works in your jurisdiction so potential clients can see how their actions affect their ability to recover. Take the opportunity to answer some of the questions clients ask most often.

It’s important to have this information written out on your website as well, for the benefit of search engine results as well as those clients who take the time to read. But providing helpful information in an easily digestible video format increases your appeal to clients and helps them better prepare for the decisions they will need to make while working with you.

Video is Easy and Inexpensive to Add

The third major reason to incorporate video into your law firm’s marketing campaign is that there’s really no reason not to. Making a video no longer requires scheduling a camera crew to come to the office for a full day. You don’t need to block out eight hours for a photo shoot. Creating video content for your website or social media is now very easy and inexpensive.

All you have to do is turn on Zoom, press “record,” and start talking. Just talk about the subjects you discuss every day with your clients. This allows you to communicate with multiple potential clients with only a small investment of your time—and unlike a live conversation, if you stumble too much over your words or sneeze in the middle of a sentence, you can just erase that take and start over. But your video doesn’t need to be perfect because it’s just supposed to depict part of a conversation, not a slick sales pitch. The lack of perfection is what makes it more effective as a selling tool because it comes across as genuine communication rather than an advertisement.

You Can Get a Free Introductory Video

If you’re interested in adding video to your strategy but want some help, I have an offer  you should find hard to refuse. I can put you in touch with a video recording expert who will produce a free introductory video for you. Just contact me at lagrandemarketing.com and I’ll send you the information.

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