Law Firm PPC Management

LaGrande Marketing harnesses the knowledge gleaned from years of experience to provide PPC (pay-per-click) management services that help law firms implement the most effective online advertising campaigns. We understand how law firms can target PPC advertising on Google Ads and other platforms to gain the best advantages without unnecessary expense.

We tailor services to your specific needs, including:

Keyword research. We determine the most effective keywords to target for each of your specific online ad campaigns.

Ad creation. We develop compelling ad copy paired with attractive images, videos and other creative elements engineered to attract clicks and drive conversions.

Landing page optimization. We design landing pages optimized to convert visitors into clients.

Campaign management. We create and direct campaigns on Google Ads and other platforms to manage bids, schedule ads, allocate budget to fit priorities, and oversee all aspects of operation.

Performance analysis. We track and then analyze the performance of campaigns so we can identify areas for improvement and make recommendations for optimization.

Accountable reporting. We provide regular reports to show the details of how your ad campaigns are performing based on a variety of metrics including clicks, impressions, and conversions.

La Grande Marketing Helps Law Firms Achieve Their Advertising Objectives

Law firms who rely on our experienced team to manage PPC advertising on Google Ads or other platforms trust us to deliver results. We help them effectively reach their target audience, increase name recognition, and drive qualified traffic to their websites.

To learn more about the specific assistance we can provide to meet your goals and help grow your practice, contact us today.