Law Firm Automation

Lawyers can provide more valuable services for clients in less time when they automate various tasks. In fact, automation can reduce an attorney’s previous workload up to 50% in some cases.

LaGrande Marketing helps firms identify the specific processes that can be advantageously managed through automation. Then we develop plans to automate functions using new or existing software tailored to the firm’s particular needs.

More Quality Time with Clients

Even when automation is used in client interactions, automated services do not need to reduce your time engaging with clients. Instead, by automating the routine tasks, you gain more time to interact meaningfully and memorably with clients. 

Instead of exchanging emails requesting you divorce client’s bank statements, for instance, you can spend that time talking with your client about priorities for property division settlement. Automated services can collect the information you need directly from the client, preserving your time for the interactions that matter most.

Client Intake and Documentation

We develop automated services that save time and ensure information integrity for intake of new clients and documentation serving clients. Our automated services can allow for a wide variety of functions including:

  • Collection of essential information from current and potential clients
  • Entry of client information into the legal practice database
  • Creation of fee agreements that can be automatically emailed to clients for an electronic signature
  • A signature and counter-signature process with automatic delivery, notification, and storage of documents
  • Prioritizing responses to client communications

Because each practice is unique, there will be additional tasks that can be automated at your firm using our custom review and design services.

Scheduling and Invoicing

LaGrande Marketing also develops systems to manage or assist with scheduling for some or all members of the law firm staff. We can work with preferences for timelines and schedule buffers to provide for easy and seamless automated scheduling of meetings, tasks, or other projects.

We create invoicing and collection systems that allow clients to make payments through their preferred media without delays. Automating your collections process can lead to greater returns in less time with considerably less effort.

Talk to LaGrande Marketing About the Time We Can Save You Through Automation Services

Several studies show that without automation, lawyers spend approximately 70% of their time working on tasks that cannot be billed to clients. The team at LaGrande Marketing can set up systems that enable you to automate many of these tasks, giving you more time to focus on revenue-producing activities.

Our plan for each firm is customized to specific needs and can be built on the firm’s existing programs in many cases. To learn more about how we can give your firm more productive time through automation services, contact us today.