Reporting and Measurement of Results for Law Firm Marketing

At LaGrande Marketing, we know we are only as good as our results. We may put forth top effort for every client we serve, but if we can’t point to results, then all our work means nothing.

So that’s why we provide regular reports on the results of campaigns based on key metrics and performance indicators. We want to see what is working and which strategies require adjustment, and we want you to know, too. Accountability is the cornerstone of our service.

Tracking the Outcome of Your Marketing Budget

Many firms are hesitant to invest in marketing efforts because they feel they have wasted money in the past on strategies that produced no results. Others invest in marketing but only with a vague understanding of what they expect to receive in return.

It shouldn’t be that way. When you work with the team at LaGrande Marketing, we ensure that you know where your marketing dollars are invested, and the results you should expect in the short and long term. We monitor everything, and report regularly to you so that together we can decide the next steps forward. 

If an ad strategy produces consistent quality leads, it may be time to increase investment in that campaign. When a tool or campaign produces disappointing results, then we can discuss whether to make adjustments or move to an entirely different approach. We provide the information that empowers you to make advantageous decisions for the growth of your firm.

What You Get From LaGrande

We work with your law firm to set clear, measurable goals for your marketing efforts. Then we measure progress toward those goals to give you:

  • Tracking of key performance indicators (KPIs) such as website traffic, conversions, and revenue
  • Customized reporting tailored to the firm’s goals and requisites, provided regularly or on demand
  • Insights and analysis comparing your results with marketing trends, ongoing developments, and best practices
  • Recommendations for improvement and optimization based on an analysis of data and performance trends

Work with the Team That Always Lets You Know Where You Stand

At LaGrande Marketing, we want you to understand the results of marketing strategies we undertake on your behalf. You remain in control, and we work according to your preferences. While we will make recommendations to improve performance and achieve your goals, at the end of the day, the choices are yours to make. We will make sure that those are informed choices.

If you have been frustrated by poor results from other marketing firms or previous marketing efforts, we invite you to learn more about how we can change your opinion about law firm marketing. It’s what we do.