Referral Generation for Law Firms

Personal recommendations often prove to be the most valuable sales tool in any line of business, but they may be most important in the legal field. Potential clients who are trying to cope with some of life’s biggest challenges want to work with an attorney they can trust to care for their needs. Reviews from people they don’t know will bolster their security to a degree, but a referral from someone with whom they have a connection can help them feel confident about working with a particular attorney.

The bottom line is that referrals matter tremendously when you’re trying to maintain and grow your legal practice. A marketing firm like LaGrande is not going to pull referrals out of thin air for you, but we can set up procedures, prepare materials, and put practices into place to generate quality referrals on a regular basis. At LaGrande Marketing, we use a combination of proven strategies to help firms obtain more business through referrals.

Getting Started

The dynamics differ at every law firm, so when developing a plan for referral generation, we always start from scratch. We consider measures currently in place, networking opportunities, staff set up, and a variety of other factors. Then we can identify target referral sources, set goals, and ascertain the most effective methods of asking for referrals.

A successful plan may include the development of a referral incentive program to encourage colleagues and clients to make referrals. Our team also creates marketing materials, such as referral cards or brochures, to make it easy for referral sources to share the best information about your firm.

Moving Forward

LaGrande Marketing will put a system in place to track referrals so we can gauge the success of current methods. We can provide training to law firm staff on how to effectively ask for and track referrals.

Referral generation hinges on networking and relationship building, so we help law firms identify critical referral sources. Then we use a variety of measures to build and solidify relationships with other professionals and organizations that are likely to refer clients, including through in-person events, online networking groups, and targeted outreach.

Measuring Results

To gauge the success of referral strategies, we can track and analyze referral sources and patterns. That enables our team to identify areas for improvement and make recommendations for optimization.

Let LaGrande Marketing Help You Gain the Referrals You Deserve

There are potential clients out there who are looking for an attorney with your level of expertise and commitment to service, but they need someone they trust to guide them in your direction. Referrals benefit both your firm and the clients who need your assistance.

LaGrande Marketing can put measures into place to generate more referrals leading to quality clients and growth for your firm. We invite you to talk to us today about how we can help you take advantage of the referrals you have earned.