Why Choose LaGrande Marketing?

Thank you for considering LaGrande Marketing as your potential digital marketing partner. The digital marketing is inundated with firms making grand promises.

What sets LaGrande Marketing apart?

Solo and Small Law Firm Specialization

Our expertise is honed exclusively on law firms. This specialization equips us to comprehend and address your unique challenges adeptly. Our credentials are substantiated by a robust portfolio of successful campaigns and industry recognition, including being named by Expertise.com as one of Dallas's Best Legal Marketing Companies. Additionally, you can check out dozens of 5-star Google Reviews.

Deep, Long-Standing Relationships

Our client partnerships are not fleeting interactions. On average, our client relationships extend over five years, a testament to the long-term value we offer. This length of engagement is rarely seen in our field and speaks volumes about our commitment to nurturing lasting partnerships that foster consistent growth and success for your firm.

Responsive and Timely Communication

We respect the value of your time and strive to respond to each call, message, or email within an hour. We send comprehensive weekly updates to ensure you are continuously apprised of your campaign's progress.


We prioritize transparency and integrity in our operations. If, upon review, we determine that we may not be the best fit for your needs, we will communicate this. Our approach embraces our achievements and mistakes as opportunities for learning and improvement. You can count on us for candid communication at all times.

Adaptive Technical

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, staying ahead of trends is paramount. Our team is committed to continuous learning, allowing us to maintain your marketing efforts at the forefront of the industry.

Shawn Leamon_1920

Shawn Leamon

Founder & Chief Strategist
LaGrande Marketing

Fiduciary Stewardship

Drawing from my experience as a financial advisor, I view each investment as if it were my own. Our primary goal is to ensure you achieve a profitable return on your marketing investments.

At LaGrande Marketing, our guiding principle is simplicity and effectiveness. We handle your digital marketing needs, enabling you to concentrate on your primary area of expertise - practicing law.

If our approach aligns with your vision and needs, don't hesitate to contact me at shawn@lagrandemarketing.com. I look forward to the prospect of a lasting and successful partnership.