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Why Work with LaGrande Marketing?

LaGrande Marketing is a boutique digital marketing firm based in Dallas, Texas that provides sophisticated digital marketing solutions to the top law firms across the United States and internationally.

If you're reading this, you know they're an overwhelming number of marketing firms out there. You've probably been burned by one (or three). They all promise the world—leads, instant results, proven strategies. So why do clients work with LaGrande Marketing?

The truth is, there's no one-size-fits-all approach to attracting more clients and growing your business. Your firm is unique, and your client-base is unique. That's why your firm’s digital marketing strategy requires a unique approach.

1) Our Expertise

Did you know that thousands of digital marketing companies use formatted templates or outsource their work to others when marketing for you? (We know first hand—many digital marketing firms send us the work!) Our in-house team customizes elements and strategies specifically for your business.

We've personally:

  • Built online businesses in the legal world from the ground up, increasing annual visitors from 0 to 1 million. (And before working exclusively with law firms, we helped build several start-ups from an idea to tens of millions of dollars in value.)
  • Tried everything, learning what works and what's a scam.
  • Helped law firm clients stay months (if not years) ahead of their competition.

Our Mission: We want to make your competition irrelevant.

2) Our Clients Love Us

LaGrande Marketing has some of the best client services in the industry. I’ll challenge any firm otherwise. My clients have left many positive reviews about the services they received, testifying to my team's effectiveness and expertise in handling their digital marketing needs.

I personally ensure our client’s satisfaction by:

  • Fostering long-term, personal relationships – I don't hand you off to a department or someone who doesn't know your unique needs;
  • Keeping you up-to-date with weekly reports – so you know what's going on;
  • Working with you directly – you work with me, Shawn Leamon, the founder of LaGrande Marketing (though I have an exceptional team that helps!)

3) Our Solutions Work

Hopefully, you’ll find our book educational. More importantly, if you execute these strategies—they work. Simple as that.

The Complete Law Firm Guide to Digital Marketing

Why You’ve Had a Bad Experience with a Digital Marketing Firm

Most digital marketing firms are terrible. Anyone can hang a shingle (well, in our case build a quick website) and say they run a digital marketing company. In my regular yoga class, 3 of the 5 yogis run digital marketing firms.

Yet for some reason, businesses still sign on with shady digital marketing firms. According to a July 2019 study of 1,200 businesses about their marketing agencies, only 30% of businesses would recommend their current digital marketing firm to a friend or colleague. Nearly everyone has had a bad experience with a digital marketing company, and you probably have too.

Most Digital Marketing Companies Fail to Deliver

Digital marketing itself is more complex than simply applying formulas or content-stuffing. It’s different for every company and is ever-changing. Digital marketing companies often fail to be responsive to both their client’s concerns and evolutions in the market.

Online marketing is hard. Successful online marketing requires the execution of two distinct skill sets: 1) executing timeless marketing principles and 2) keeping up with a continuously evolving online marketing world.

1) Executing Timeless Marketing Principles

Regardless of the medium—television, print, online, public relations, email marketing, business development, etc.—there are core principles to marketing. Sometimes the ideas are simple, relating to the 7 Ps: product, price, place, promotion, people, positioning, packaging. I’ve seen many firms fail to grasp the basics you might learn in Marketing 101. Just because we’re talking about the online world doesn’t mean any of these concepts are less relevant.

2) Keeping Up with a Continuously Evolving Online Marketing World

The nature of my job changes every week. Every. Week. We always start with the basics first, but less than 1% of firms implement many of the strategies and tactics we provide for our clients. Each week, one of the major platforms we use—Google, Facebook, WordPress, Avvo, or others—makes a significant announcement that can substantially change ongoing strategies we’re implementing.

I’ll give you some quick examples of things that have changed recently. At the time of this writing, Google is making a significant algorithm update to improve search results for specific websites. In simple terms, this is yet another significant change to search engine optimization. Google My Business, a particular tool within Google that barely existed two years ago, is now one of the most fundamental tools for law firms to manage their online presence. Yet firms are spending thousands of dollars a month with marketing companies that have not brought it to their attention.

Don’t Fall Victim to the “Bad”

Companies and firms looking to improve their online presence often find it difficult to choose a digital marketing company to use. Big marketing firms dominate the industry, but they’re slow and can’t keep up with the specific needs of every company they serve. Small firms are hit and miss, and their reputations are hard to evaluate. And across the board, companies are promising the latest and greatest. They constantly spam clients with little to no evidence of results.

As the online world continues to evolve, new strategies, tactics, and platforms will continue to emerge and require updates and modification. This means you need to work with a company that’s up-to-date and willing to learn every day. To avoid falling victim to one of those many “bad” digital marketing practices, it’s important to inform yourself about your online market and know who to trust. Don’t settle for less than the best when it comes to digital marketing, and do your research—your bank account will thank you.

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Investing in marketing is just that – an investment. For every dollar you invest in your marketing, I hope you get two dollars back…at least. That's why LaGrande Marketing offers excellent digital marketing services at a reasonable price.

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"I can't say enough great things about Shawn and his company. Over the years I have worked with several companies, and interviewed many more. The level of professionalism and responsiveness I get from LaGrande Marketing is so far beyond anything I have experienced up to this point it makes me wonder if the others are in the same industry.”


Shawn has been excellent! He is extremely communicative and responsive. Working with Shawn has been a significant improvement when compared to my work with previous marketing companies. I feel like I am working with a pro who is part of my own team. I am so thankful to be working with Shawn and only wish I had found him sooner!


My firm has been working with Shawn Leamon at LaGrande Marketing for some time now. His services have gone well beyond our expectations. Even though Shawn understands traditional marketing techniques and strategies, he doesn't stick to the textbook. Each time I meet with him, he has a new idea, a new strategy, a new fix. He's also extremely good at automating your marketing, so that the attorneys can spend more time elsewhere. Highly recommended!


Shawn and his team are the best!


Shawn Leamon is a pro: easy to talk to, a fantastic listener, a sound advisor. Not only has he helped me with the ins and outs of social media marketing, his wealth of knowledge regarding podcast distribution/marketing/website design has been a lifesaver. He makes everything look easy with a ready smile and accessible advice. While getting in touch with some colleagues can be a challenge, the turnaround time for Shawn to communicate to an inquiry is truly amazing! Cannot recommend Shawn highly enough. You will not be disappointed.


Shawn Leamon and the staff at LaGrande Marketing are top-notch professionals that provide quality service for a fair and reasonable price. We have worked with Shawn for over a year now and have seen a marked improvement in our marketing efforts. I would highly recommend the LaGrande team to anyone looking to quickly and effectively expand their marketing efforts!


I have worked with Shawn for over 5 years. Shawn has had to wear many hats across a variety of different businesses, serving as a sales team manager, Chief Marketing Officer, and a social media director. He and his team are smart and very organized, particularly with adhering to goals, making result oriented decisions, and reporting metrics. Customer service is excellent.


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