Are You Wasting Your Law Firm’s Money On Google’s Local Service Ads?

Google Local Services Ads are the latest digital marketing trend–but they might not be as useful as they seem, particularly for law firms. In fact, they might be a flat-out waste of money.

At LaGrande Marketing we work to help law firms allocate resources on campaigns that will actually generate new clients. So let’s see whether you should consider using Google Local Service Ads. 

How Google Local Services Ads Work

For a fee, Google Local Services Ads puts your ad near the top of search results for specific queries. The ad displays your name, phone number, and reviews so a potential lead can instantly call you. While this direct call-to-action might sound great, it only works well for certain businesses. 

We believe law firms shouldn’t spend money on Google Local Services Ads, and here’s why:

1. They Don’t Direct Clients to Your Site

One of the most critical digital marketing strategies aims to boost website traffic so you can rank higher in organic search results. Other paid ads lead people directly to your website, so you improve your rankings while generating customers. Unfortunately, Google Local Services Ads don’t send people to your site because they prioritize your contact channels. 

Encouraging people to contact your firm isn’t bad, but you can do better. Inspiring people to explore your website improves multiple marketing aspects beyond just call rates.

2. They Only Create Low-Quality Leads

When you set up a Google Local Services Ad, you enter your keywords list and negative keywords, defining what you do and don’t want to rank for when potential clients conduct a search. Often, these parameters lead to a broad match. For example, someone might Google “lawyer near me” and instantly call your firm before learning which area of law you practice.

In this case, you would be wasting money paying for leads who need services you might not even provide. Instead, you want to focus resources toward qualified leads that require your specific skill set. 

3. They’re Expensive

Depending on your location and keywords, you usually have to spend between $80 and $300 per call, potentially wasting thousands on leads that usually don’t convert. 

Google Local Services Ads are one of the most expensive and least specific advertising options. 

If you want to acquire high-quality clients, we recommend a different conversion tracking strategy. With professional help, you can use your budget more effectively to target only qualified leads. 

LaGrande Marketing Knows the Strategies That Work for Law Firms

If you searched online for an answer to “Are Google Local Services Ads a waste of money?” to find this article, you’ve seen how powerful real digital marketing works. 

At LaGrande Marketing, we want to help your firm find qualified leads without throwing away excessive resources. Call us today at (972) 236-5750 to learn how we can transform your digital marketing strategy.

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