How to Rank on Google Maps in 2 Minutes

A common, and important, question we receive from clients is, “Why doesn’t my firm always show up on Google Maps?”

There are over 3000 business types that Google sorts through when they decide on map rankings.

What does that mean?

The same algorithm that handles your law firm also deals with businesses such as mechanics, gas stations, restaurants, retail stores, etc – and you are all competing with the same algorithmic process.

Analyzing Google Search Results

Along with the Google search algorithm, your firm competes with:

“Near Me” Searches – If your firm is not in the area where someone is searching, even though you may serve that area, the probability that your firm will appear in search is low.

Directory Listings – Directories such as Super Lawyers, FindLaw, Justia, Avvo, etc. also contribute to a significant amount of interference with your ranking.

Google Ads – Paid ads will always appear first and outrank your firm search results.

Google Reviews – Google lists firms with the most Google reviews directly below ad listings.

Keywords Are Important

Relevant keywords are crucial. The right keywords for every city, suburb, town, etc., you serve and practice area in your firm should be included on your website.

Putting It All Together

Here’s what we suggest:

1) Make room for Google Ads in your marketing budget.

2) Request reviews from past clients.

3) Include relevant keywords in your website content.

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