Our Results

Our goal was to provide a true marketing partnership to help law firms get high-quality legal clients from the internet - profitably.


High-End Criminal Defense
Client Challenge

Despite using a very expensive firm named after an 8-legged insect, our new client had a 12-month period of declining leads and had to reduce staff.

How LaGrande Marketing Helped

Launched A Targeted Google Ads Campaign

Themes included DWI, Assault, and Sex Crimes.

Revamped A Dated

Implemented fresh, clean branding.


Comprehensive overhaul of content on every niche but high-value topic in criminal law.

Remarkable Outcomes

Client Growth

142%Increase in new clients, from 19 new clients in Q1 2023 to 46 in Q1 2024.

SEO Performance

230%Increase in organic traffic, from 1,000 visits/month in 2023 to 3,300 in 2024.

Advertising ROI

720%Return on advertising spending.

42% Increase In Paid Consultations │ 55% Rise In Intake Calls

Estate Planning Client Challenge

Difficulty differentiating and attracting new clients in a competitive local market
saturated with estate planning firms.

How LaGrande Marketing Helped

Content Revamp

Leveraged the Storybrand framework to improve website content.

Social Media Ads

High-quality video campaigns targeted at both their referral network & the general public to increase their brand awareness.

Webinar/Seminar Marketing

Hosted both in-person seminars & online webinars to draw new clients.

Remarkable Outcomes

Consultation Growth

42%Increase in paid consultations over 9 months.

Intake Call Boost

55%Increase in potential client intake calls, enhancing initial client engagement.

50% Increase In Monthly Revenue In 5 Months

Estate Planning Client Challenge

New solo firm struggling with an inconsistent new client inquiries and volatile financial performance.

How LaGrande Marketing Helped

Google Reviews

Boosted Google reviews from 3 to 60, significantly improving online credibility.

Website Overhaul

Developed a new, compelling website to attract clients.

Content Strategy

Implemented regular blog posts, newsletters, & search-optimized videos.

Remarkable Outcomes

Revenue Growth

$50,000 per monthIncreased from $33,000 to $50,000 per month.

Operational Efficiency

3 weeks in advanceTransitioned from ample free time to being booked out three weeks in advance.

Expansion Plans

Preparing to hire new staff to manage increased demand.

$300,000 Revenue Increase Over 12 Months

Estate Planning & Elder Law Firm
Client Challenge

A well-established firm stuck at the $1 million revenue mark with minimal prior marketing efforts.

How LaGrande Marketing Helped

Online Reputation

Went from 6 to 102 Google reviews enhancing visibility & trust.

Social Media Strategy

Implemented a full-scale social media campaign to engage the local community.

Content & SEO

Developed a strategy to substantially improve online presence.

Email Marketing

Launched an email newsletter to maintain top of mind with over 5,000 clients & referral sources.

Remarkable Outcomes

Revenue Growth

$300,000Achieved a $300,000 increase in revenue over 12 months.

Client Acquisition

Client inflowSubstantially increased client inflow from online and referral sources.