There is No Great Law Firm Software. Period.

When it comes to managing your law firm, the choices for practice management software are plentiful, but none stand out as exceptional. Should you use:

  • Lawmatics
  • Smokeball
  • Clio
  • Lawlytics
  • MyCase
  • Rocket Matter
  • Leap
  • PracticePanther
  • Amicus
  • Centerbase
  • Lawcus
  • Filevine

Or something else entirely?

In the past decade, not one piece of practice management software or law firm CRM (Customer Relationship Management) has emerged that I can wholeheartedly recommend. Not one. The highest-rated law firm software I give a B. Not B+, and nothing even gets close to an A.

So, What Do I Recommend?

Try your options, but know there will be drawbacks no matter what you choose.

If your firm is large enough and you’re seeking a custom solution, there is another route: use non-law firm software. Consider:

  • Monday
  • Zoho
  • HubSpot
  • Salesforce
  • ClickUp
  • And others

These platforms require time and money to customize to your needs. They are built for all types of businesses, not specifically for lawyers, which means more setup work. 

However, the plus side is, they work and often better than their law-specific counterparts.

Pros and Cons of Using Non-Law Firm Software


  • Greater flexibility and customization options
  • Often more robust features
  • Regular updates and active support communities


  • Requires significant initial setup and customization
  • May need ongoing maintenance
  • Not tailored to legal practice out of the box

Final Thoughts

So, what is the best law firm software? There isn’t one that stands out. I can’t endorse any single option.

Good luck in your search. Whether you stick with law-specific software or venture into more generalized business platforms, be prepared for a compromise.

Find something that works reasonably well for your firm’s needs.

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