WordPress Website Maintenance

LaGrande Marketing offers the complete solution to keep your law firm’s WordPress Website maintained and optimized. Our expert designers and engineers work around the clock to make sure your updates, security, and structure are running smoothly. We do the behind-the-scenes work so you can focus on your firm.

Better WordPress maintenance.

Expert WordPress knowledge.

Faster solutions that work for you.

Talk to the Experts

LaGrande Marketing provides WordPress maintenance knowledge and engineering. We’ll help you:

  • Update or edit your website’s content
  • Make backups of your website
  • Secure your WordPress against hackers or other issues
  • Make more complex changes at your request
  • Solve any issues or problems with your WordPress

Don’t Sweat the Technical Stuff

LaGrande Marketing takes care of all your WordPress worries so you can focus on your firm’s growth and services. Our top-notch team will work with you to ensure all your website needs are met.

Content Edits

Our WordPress engineers can make content edits quickly and efficiently. We’ll make sure all your content is accurate and exactly what you want.

Website SEO

Our team has essential SEO tools at their disposal, including rank trackers, site auditors and backlink monitors, competition analyzers, and more.

Online Safety and Security

Let us help you make sure your website is safe and secure against online threats. We’ll also help you make sure your backlinks are valid and effective.

Personalize Your WordPress Maintenance

We’re fully aware that an online maintenance plan isn’t one-size-fits-all. Our team can work closely with you and your team to ensure your website is meeting your design, structure, and functionality goals.

Optimize Your Website

When you need real-time updates on your rankings, new links, budgeting, and more, our team can help. We can walk you through your law firm’s current strategy, what you might need to change in the future, and how your targeted audience is interacting with your website.

Let Your WordPress Website Reflect Your Brand

Your law firm’s website is all yours and should be reflecting the services and company culture you want to convey. We can help you make changes to the design of your website, back up old versions of the website, and keep monitoring your website’s security and cleanup.