Weekly Reporting

When you’re running a company website or creating content for your law firm, you want to know where you stand at all times. That’s why LaGrande Marketing offers weekly reporting for your SEO, PPC, Email, Social Media, Review, and Call Tracking analytics. You’ll know exactly how your online efforts are stacking up and improving your ranking, audience engagement, and more.

More knowledge.

More information.

More action.

Stay Up-To-Date

LaGrande Marketing provides law firms with a succinct and up-to-date method of monitoring. We report to you important analytics such as:

  • SEO keywords and rankings
  • Followers on all major social media sites
  • Google rankings
  • Organic vs. paid growth
  • Conversions, engagement, and other relevant statistics

All-In-One Reporting That Matters

We don’t waste your time with unclear analytics or statistics that don’t make sense. You’ll know exactly where your website stands, how your online presence is faring, and more—all within an easy-to-read, weekly report.

SEO Results

Our team reports all your important SEO stats, including number of clicks, rankings, and important local keywords that you can use to reform your strategy.

Audience Engagement

If you’re curious about how your audience is reacting to the online content you put out, take a look at our weekly report to find out all the details you need to know.

Big Picture Analysis

Are your online presence enhancements effective? Find out with our big picture analysis, which will help you spot the trends and future potential of your content.