Search Engine Optimization

Get high-quality legal clients and revenue from the internet and improve your legal firm’s online first impression for potential clients. Engage your referral contacts and get your firm in front of thousands of targeted local prospects. With end-to-end SEO, you can do all that—and more.

More visitors to your website.

More rankings for your unique services.

More content creation and optimization.

How LaGrande Marketing Does Law Firm SEO

We work with firms all over the country to:

  • Create Content. Rank your website among the service areas you offer.
  • Strategize SEO. Put your firm on the map and keep your top ranking among local competition.
  • Optimize Websites. From the top to bottom, make sure your website is fast and protected.
  • Build Links. Drive publications and earn your way to the top of the search page, every time.

As an Attorney, You Don’t Have Time to Create Content

And we wouldn’t want you to. With our team working closely to develop your online brand through content, you can have the content you need at your fingertips. 


Own Your Work

All the content and analytics belong to you, and we don’t work with your direct competitors. Whether you’re looking at a blog post or social media handle, you have the final—and only—say.

Optimize Your Site

Make your firm’s website user-friendly, discoverable on Google, and protected from hackers. We’ll help you get ranked for your keywords and place your firm in front of targeted local prospects.

Get More Prospects

With SEO content that matters and the right strategies, you’ll be in front of potential clients quickly. Let us help you put your best foot forward and improve your online first impression.

Rise to the Top with Onsite SEO

We have all the up-to-date topics and strategies you need to draw people to your website. Whether you need to rewrite your whole website or just want some tweaking here and there, LaGrande Marketing can help. Our web designers can also help you build or optimize the speed, structure, protection, and function of your law firm’s website.

Grow Your Online Presence

LaGrande Marketing helps you build your brand with consistent content and keywords that match your services. We’ll work one-on-one with you to come up with the best strategies that align with your law firm’s mission, values, and services—and that target the right audience at the right time.

Targeted Search Engine Marketing Campaign Strategy

Work with our stellar team of strategists and experts who can work with you to discover the outreach method that works for you. We’ll develop a step-by-step plan to help you build and keep your reputation online. With your goals guiding the process, we’ll make sure your website runs smoothly and gets all the right attention.

Local Keyword Research and Selection

The best way to make sure your listing is optimized is to hyper-target your client base in your local area or service area. We’ll find the best ways to connect you with your online audience, fostering a system of engagement, connections, and conversions. You’ll be everywhere your competitors are and even the places they’ve neglected.