Monthly Email Newsletter

Place your law firm in front of targeted local prospects. Increase awareness of your firm and blow up your referral network. With LaGrande Marketing, you’ll get the help you need to humanize your law firm while fostering important relationships with your referral clients.

Bigger referral network.

Better firm image and brand awareness.

More connection and interaction with your audience.

Directly Communicate with Your Clients and Prospects

LaGrande Marketing offers done-for-you email services that have everything you need to:

  • Create a branded newsletter to match your website
  • Connect with your referral network and prospects
  • Maintain custom email introductions and content from your law firm
  • Keep your clients up-to-date with the latest news
  • Generate interest and prospects

Maximize Your Email Marketing

Keep your communications with your past and future clients consistent with your website branding and content. Our team will work with you to ensure your firm looks professional, prompt, and courteous.

More Clients

Email is the largest communication base online—even bigger than social media and websites. Emails can be forwarded, replied to, and even printed out and given to others. When you have the right content and branding in your newsletters, your referral clients will share them.

Top of Mind Awareness

Personable or notable brands stick out at the “top of” clients’ minds. Sending out a newsletter will further your clients’ awareness of your firm and create memorable messages that will make them think of you when they—or someone they know—need a lawyer.

Humanize Your Firm

Share your company culture with your network by letting them look into your law firm’s daily life at the office or specific recent accomplishments. We use storytelling strategies to build connections and familiarity between your staff and the clients you serve.

Engage Your Clients

Retain your clients’ loyalty and referrals by remaining in constant communication with them each month. We know the right techniques and strategies to help you stay at the top of their minds when they need a lawyer or legal advice.

Grow Your Referral Network

Trust LaGrande Marketing to share your company culture in a way that humanizes your law firm and keeps in close contact with your referral network. Your on-brand newsletter will keep your former clients reading, and you’ll be able to reach out to new referrals to increase your chances of being a preferred law firm.

Complement Your Online Strategy

Your emailed newsletter will keep clients thinking about your online branding, including your Google My Business profile, website, and social media. We know exactly what your newsletter needs to keep clients coming back to your online resources, effectively increasing your ranking in the process.