Online Presence Enhancements

Ambitious businesses with an engaging online presence distinguish themselves far above competitors in this digital age. Your website and affiliated business listings such as Google My Business are the first impression a potential customer has of your business. A strong online presence will increase your business reputation, generate revenue, and establish you as a leader in your industry.

Our team will help you heighten your online presence by designing a quick loading, content-driven, mobile-optimized website that produces copy your clients will find relevant and worthwhile. Our state of the art, clean, customizable WordPress designed website will highlight the quality, professionalism, and relevance of your business. Other available website services include web hosting, full-service site management and maintenance.

We will work with you to implement a competent client review network that includes a widget that yields reviews directly from your website as well as an email marketing campaign directed to your clients to solicit reviews. Customer reviews are not only a great way to advertise your business to potential clients, but also provide unique content for your website and future marketing efforts.

Search Engine Optimization

Local search rankings lead to phone calls, online information requests, and office visits. A solid SEO strategy will ensure that your business lands as the top result in your local search. Our team utilizes the most relevant keywords pertaining to your business to ensure your website ranks well in local Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) and drives traffic to your website.

The process begins with an extensive SEO audit of your website and local keyword research and selection. Ensuring that your website’s pages include the correct keywords within their content will greatly influence how well they perform in organic search results and how much relevant traffic you can attract.

We will work with you to develop a stellar marketing campaign to supplement the keyword and SEO strategies developed. The campaign includes a tactical competitor analysis, ad content creation, frequent ad testing, retargeting, and landing page optimization. We also provide a call tracking feature that is linked to online actions clients take as an unparalleled value to your marketing campaign.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing enhances your digital presence by attracting traffic to your website via social media channels. It is essential for a business to have a fully invested strategy for social media marketing that focuses on engagement. LaGrande Marketing provides clients with that key investment to generate new business instead of overlooking digital engagement opportunities.

Our team will work with you to understand who your target audience is and what the goals of your business are. We connect your business to potential clients who may be interested in the services you provide and who may not know your services exist. We are experienced in using powerful, targeted advertising strategies to reach your exact demographic.

We want you to be able to spend your advertising budget sensibly. We are skilled in providing services such as targeted, optimized social media ad creation, customized video ad creation, advanced audience targeting, custom conversion tracking, and call tracking. As an added and expected value to these services, we provide customized weekly reports that track your results and provide further enhancement suggestions. We design your social media advertising plan to allow you to leverage the most cost-effective and targeted strategy available, while you focus on providing first-rate service to your customers.

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