SEO for Estate Planning Law Firms

In the digital age, estate planning law firms must have a solid online presence to attract potential clients. When clients conduct searches on estate planning topics, the firms that appear near the top of the results page will be the ones that get the most attention. The strategies that make up search engine optimization or SEO are the methods for achieving that high ranking in search results. SEO strategies make your website attractive to search engines which ensures that your firm will be exposed to more potential clients.

For best results, SEO should be tailored to the specific audience you are trying to reach. At LaGrande Marketing, we develop customized SEO strategies that highlight the strengths of estate planning law firms and that focus on firms’ specific areas of practice, whether that be bread and butter planning or specialized areas such as contested probate, asset protection, or establishing eligibility for Medicaid long-term care benefits.

Focus on Google

While there are many search engines out there, statistics show that over 90% of searches start on Google. Many search engines attempt to replicate what Google invented. So, when working to ensure that your website is optimized to be attractive to search engines we focus on Google, and everything else falls into place.

Google show three different types of results:

  • Map results
  • Organic search results
  • Paid (sponsored) search results

While the paid results usually appear at the top, potential clients may skip over them, so it makes sense to focus first on the other two types of results. Map results are usually next in appearance. You are more likely to appear near the top in map results when your Google Business profile is optimized and you have a large number of positive reviews, which is one reason we focus on these strategies with estate planning law firms.

Organic search results are the real heart of the results page. The most important strategy for improving organic searches is to create solid, authoritative content.

Content is Critical

Google and other search engines are trying to provide searchers with the best answers to their questions. These engines are searching for the best content, and when a law firm’s website provides that content, they increase their online appeal. The concept of creating quality content is simple, but that does not mean easy. The Google algorithms are constantly evaluating a tremendous array of factors, including how recently the information was posted. This will receive more weight when a searcher is asking about a current topic, such as a change in estate tax threshold, than when someone is looking for a more timeless topic such as fiduciary duties of a trustee.

At LaGrande Marketing, we regularly provide law firms with fresh content that is relevant, accurate, and detailed so that we can position our client estate planning law firms as sources of authority with search engines and potential clients. Then we constantly monitor and evaluate results to ensure that the components of each law firm’s site continue to perform well on Google.

Technical SEO

It almost goes without saying that a website must perform flawlessly to rank high in search engine results. Pages must load quickly, links need to work, and above all, the site must be optimized for mobile searches. Our tech crew is constantly focused on building and maintaining sites at the peak level of performance.

Understanding Backlinks

Quality backlinks can be an incredibly effective tool for improving the SEO of an estate planning law firm. But low-quality backlinks are completely useless because search engines view them like spam, and quality backlinks require considerable effort to obtain. When a marketing agency promises backlinks, they will usually be of the low-quality variety.

You obtain a high-quality backlink when an important website links to your site as a source of authority.  If you are interviewed by a newspaper and the paper includes a link to your website, that’s a quality backlink. To cultivate useful backlinks, it is helpful to participate in community service, write guest posts, participate in podcasts, and engage in other networking efforts. This takes a substantial investment of time. We help estate planning firms obtain quality backlinks in the course of a comprehensive marketing plan so that we can get maximum mileage from time and effort.

Investment in Paid Search Strategies

In the competitive field of estate planning, sometimes the only effective way to rank highly in search engine results is to incorporate paid search options into an SEO plan. When focused on a narrow target audience or niche practice area such as special needs trusts, a small budget can produce substantial results. Our team analyzes Google metrics such as Search Impression Share to determine how to best set parameters to obtain maximum visibility for a law firm’s target audience. Constant testing, evaluation, and adjustment of strategies is the key to ranking high in paid results.

Let LaGrande Marketing Help You Implement the Right SEO Strategies to Grow Your Law Firm

SEO for estate planning law firms is a complex process that requires a strategic approach along with continual evaluation and maintenance. If you believe your time is better spent focusing on legal business but you know you need to enhance your firm’s online presence and attract more clients through effective SEO strategies, LaGrande Marketing is ready to take over SEO tasks on your behalf. Our team of professionals understands how to implement the most effective SEO strategies for estate planning law firms to help you achieve your digital marketing goals. To find out more about what we can do for you, contact us online or call us at : today.