naimi and cerceo

Naimi & Cerceo Family Law

The Naimi & Cerceo website used a common template and needed a unique design. Their previous website felt outdated and used stock imagery that did not portray the firm’s strengths. The old site lacked important information and was not optimized for search.

Working with the firm, our team built a refined and unique website using WordPress. We were able to get away from the cookie-cutter template and highlight the elements the firm wanted to stand out. We incorporated colors from the firm logo and included contact information in multiple areas, making it easy for clients to schedule a consultation.

The website redesign also presented an opportunity to clean up outdated content and add new, search optimized content. The new site is user-friendly and noticeably highlights the firm expertise and practice areas. Each attorney bio page was revamped to include a unique bio and relevant experience, certifications, education, and more.

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