Marketing for Estate Planning Law Firms

To effectively grow your estate planning firm and attract new clients, it’s crucial to implement a marketing strategy that not only reaches potential clients directly but also builds a strong, trustworthy brand presence.

At LaGrande Marketing, we build marketing plans tailored to highlight the strengths and focused areas of practice for each firm we work with, so every marketing plan is unique. However, there are some essential features that we implement for most of our estate planning clients. Focusing on those six essentials provides a solid foundation for attracting new clients and building on business with existing clients. Once the basics are in place, continued maintenance may be all that’s necessary or we can branch out to explore more advanced marketing strategies to take advantage of different opportunities to expand your market presence.

1. Build a “High-Converting” Website

In the digital age, your website is your storefront. You need a site that entices your target clients to look at what you have to offer and trust that this is the site where they want to invest their resources. We  make your website useful to potential clients and attractive to search engines by updating your site regularly with engaging, informative content. In addition to keeping your site relevant and appealing, content that is fresh and instructive also showcases your expertise, increasing your credibility. Our target for many clients is to update content every week with a timely blog or other significant material to engage potential clients.

2. Increase Your Google Reviews

Google reviews are crucial for building trust and enhancing your online reputation. We help law firms develop programs to efficiently encourage satisfied clients to leave positive feedback. The initial target is to obtain at least 50 reviews per location.

These reviews are vital for estate planning law firms because in this digital age, consumers have become used to seeking out reviews before making even the smallest purchases online or choosing a place to have lunch. If your potential clients are consulting online reviews before investing in a sandwich, how much more likely are they to read through reviews before investing in an estate plan or hiring an attorney to assist with estate administration?

Having a large number of positive reviews not only boosts your credibility in the eyes of potential clients but it also improves your search rankings on Google, making it easier for those looking for estate planning attorneys to find your firm.

3. Improve Visibility on Google

If your estate planning law firm does not show up near the top in search engine results, you might as well not show up at all. Most clients look only at the first few entries on the results page, and they tend to be looking from their phones instead of a computer. Your website needs to be optimized for mobile devices and engineered for maximum appeal to search engines as well as potential clients. Coordinating details of a law firm’s Google Business Profile, adding Google reviews, and answering questions commonly posed by people researching estate planning issues are all part of the SEO strategies that we use to improve the visibility of law firms on Google.

4. Initiate Email and Print Newsletters

Newsletters provide a cost-effective means to stay top of mind with both clients and referral sources. We frequently prepare a combination of monthly email newsletters and quarterly print newsletters to enable law firms to maintain regular contact with clients and their professional referral network. This consistent communication nurtures existing relationships and reinforces the firm’s position as a source of authority. Estate planning law firm newsletters should include updates, insights, and valuable information that would be of interest to both clients and professional contacts.

5. Develop Social Media Presence

Maintaining an active social media presence is another effective strategy to increase an estate planning law firm’s visibility and appeal. We provide regular posts that focus on sharing valuable information, updates about the firm, and engaging content that resonates with the law firm’s target audience to attract new clients and reinforce connections with referral sources.

6. Plan Event Marketing

While digital marketing efforts are critical, there is no substitute for the connections forged by meeting in person, particularly with potential clients in older age brackets. We recommend that law firms host or participate in at least two events each year to boost the firm’s visibility and reputation in the community.

These events offer opportunities to showcase your expertise, connect with potential clients, and strengthen existing client relationships, all of which are essential for growing your client base. Our team can help brainstorm ideas, coordinate efforts with other organizations, and spearhead publicity both before the event to gain maximum participation and afterward to showcase your firm’s role and highlight your service to the community.

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Marketing your estate planning law firm effectively involves a multi-faceted approach that combines online and offline strategies. At LaGrande Marketing, we know from experience that when you focus on online reviews, website optimization, social media engagement, referral networks, and traditional marketing methods, your firm can attract and retain more clients.

If you’re ready to enhance your law firm’s marketing efforts and reach more potential clients, LaGrande Marketing is ready to help. Our team of professionals understands how to overcome the unique challenges involved when marketing estate planning law firms and we can develop a strategy tailored to meet your goals. Contact us online or call (972) 236-5750 to learn more.