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Attention, Lawyers: Do NOT read this book if...

  • You’re happy with your current practice
  • You don’t want more efficient ways to get clients
  • You believe referrals are the only source of potential clients
  • You don’t care how your online “first impression” appears to prospects
  • You don’t think Internet marketing can help your firm

The online world is rapidly growing, and you need to understand how to build your business if you want a place in the market. Whether you’re a solo practitioner in a particular city, have a boutique with several partners, or your firm has a national presence, you’re leaving money on the table if you don’t master your digital marketing.

But where do you start when you don’t understand all the marketing jargon, or you don’t have time to learn all the new, ever-changing strategies? It can feel like every week someone new is telling you what you should be doing.

Let Shawn Leamon, Chief Strategist at LaGrande Marketing, be your guide. LaGrande Marketing is a boutique digital marketing firm based in Dallas, Texas that provides sophisticated digital marketing solutions to top law firms across the United States and internationally.

The content of this book is based on real-world case studies of law firms that have substantially increased their sales and practices by implementing digital marketing the right way.

Whether you’re just opening your law firm or you have an established practice, this 60-minute guide will help you see the potential you can create if you implement a marketing plan for business growth.

In this eye-opening book, you’ll learn strategies to generate high-quality clients online. This book is the best guide to law firm digital marketing in 2019 and beyond. Find out how to:

  • Create a compelling online first impression that converts prospects to clients
  • Get scores of reviews and testimonials—and handle the dreaded negative review
  • Understand how Search Engine Optimization works so you can rank for relevant keywords
  • Fix website mistakes you’re making that turn away clients
  • Have your clients sell for you
  • Figure out your conversion rates to increase your firm’s profitability

And much, much more…

Learn what online marketing strategies less than 1% of firms employ today that can grow your practice and help you thrive—all in under 60 minutes.

Chapter Outline

1) Introduction
2) Mastering Sales and Marketing Means Unlimited Customers
3) Making a Good First Impression: Setting Up Your Online Presence
4) The #1 Marketing Strategy: Reviews and Testimonials
5) Making Websites Great Again
6) Search Engine Optimization (SEO): If You Ain’t First, You’re Last
7) Social Media Marketing: Underutilized, Underappreciated, and Extremely Powerful
8) Analytics: How to Know What Is Working
9) Important Next Steps

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